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Bottle Cap Remover

CapTwist ™ - Bottle Cap Remover!

Don't you just hate wrestling with bottle caps?

You are thirsty and annoyed. The skin on your fingertips is sore, or maybe your joints are reminding you (again!) that you have arthritis.

Truly, out of all the battles in your life, this one is insignificant but irritating.

Luckily, it is easily won!

With CapTwist, most stubborn bottle caps open quickly and effortlessly.

Fits most bottles!

There are two sides to the CapTwist ™ to ensure a snug fit when opening a bottle.
We effectively used it on:


Keep CapTwist  in a junk drawer at home, or use the key chain hole to take it with you or to attach it to your cooler. It is small enough to fit in a purse or a backpack; yet it fits just right in your hand.

Select a Color

IDProduct ImageProduct NameCategoryShort DescriptionDescriptionPriceAction
Blue CapTwist Blue CapTwist $4.95
Pink CapTwist Pink CapTwist $4.95
Green CapTwist Green CapTwist $4.95
Red CapTwist Red CapTwist $4.95

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Consider CapTwist to promote your business or organization.

You will find that CapTwist can be used by anyone, from elderly people with arthritis, young adults on the go, and kids, to individuals with sensitive hands, and with 50 billion water bottles sold each year (not counting beer, soda, and others), CapTwist is sure to come in handy!

Our devices are made in the USA and manufactured at a local plastics company in Sarasota, FL. We welcome your comments and feedback as we continue to enhance CapTwist.

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About CapTwist


The CapTwist story began in 2012, when we became frustrated with water bottles that simply refused to open. Around that time, bottled water companies switched to the environmentally friendly packaging designs, and it was clear that we needed a solution. If we were having trouble twisting off bottle caps, we were sure so were others.

After numerous tries, we have been able to turn one of our simplest ideas into the final handy CapTwist device that can open any water bottle quickly and effortlessly. During our test phase, we also found out that CapTwist not only opened water bottles, it also opened soda bottles, twist-off beer bottles, sauce bottles,  nail polish bottles, plus many other types of bottles.

Keep twisting; cheers!

–Emma & Linda


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